Prepare for your IELTS English test with our videos, which cover the various aspects you will need to consider when taking your IELTS test in Peru.

The IELTS preparation videos explain in detail the content and format of this international English test. It is very important that you understand the structure and criteria under which you will be evaluated on the day of your IELTS English test, so that you can approach the different types of questions with confidence and obtain the best IELTS score possible.

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Candidato del examen IELTS en Lima se prepara para su test de inglés IELTS en computadora

IELTS on computer practice videos

Our video tutorials will help you prepare for your computer delivered IELTS English test. They will show you how the Listening, Reading and Writing sections appear on the computer. They will also show you how to use the help option, take notes or highlight text during your IELTS English test.

See how IELTS works on computer

Persona practica su pronunciación para rendir el test de nivel de inglés IELTS en Lima

IELTS Speaking: pronunciation

Understand the importance of word and sentence accentuation, intonation and pauses between phonic groups.

Candidato se prepara online para mejorar su puntaje IELTS en Perú

IELTS Speaking: vocabulary and lexicon

Understand more about the lexical and vocabulary aspects that are assessed in the Speaking section, such as connotations, paraphrasing and the use of advanced vocabulary.

Persona escribe y corrige su gramática mientras se prepara para rendir el test de inglés IELTS en Lima

IELTS Writing: grammar

Get tips for the Writing section of the IELTS English test and improve your use of verb tenses, learn strategies for incorporating complex structures, and more.

Alguien escribe en un papel preparándose para lograr un buen score IELTS en su test de nivel de inglés

IELTS Writing: answering the statement

Discover the various steps you need to follow to answer properly in the Writing section of the IELTS English test.