This video explains the grammatical aspects that are considered during the IELTS Speaking Test, covering the use of complex sentences and the use of the correct tenses for the different sections of the test. It also provides resources and suggested activities to help improve English grammar.

 If you have decided to take the IELTS test, it is important that you know exactly how the test is divided up.

  • Part one is an introduction in general questions.
  • Part two is the long turn.
  • Part three is an analytical discussion.

At this section, we look at the criteria of grammatical range and accuracy. If you are interested in the other three criteria, go visit their proper section:

This exactly criteria focus on the range and accuracy of the test takers' grammar while speaking.

So, if you're on the constant quest to improve your IELTS grammar skills, apps can be your best allies; the range of grammar includes using a variety of complex structures, these are sentences with multiple bits of information contrast that to separate simple sentences with a single piece of information.

You should be prepared for the format of the Speaking test and know what type of questions to expect in each section. We have practice tests and IELTS Coach to prepare you for the test.

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You need to be prepared to make sure that you know the speaking test format, you need to know what type of questions to expect in each section.