In this video you will learn how fluency and coherence are assessed, which is one of the four criteria you will be tested on during the IELTS Speaking test. We recommend that you prepare well with our preparation resources to understand the test format and get the best possible score as a result, and if you are interested in the other three criteria, visit their corresponding section:

The speaking section is divided into three:

  1. Introduction with general questions.
  2. Long conversation with the examiner.
  3. Analytical discussion.

In this criteria, fluency and coherence in speaking are evaluated, including the organization of ideas logically, the way of expressing yourself and giving an opinion. 

To improve fluency, we recommend the following steps:

  1. If you are talking about a topic, build your opinion broadly from your point of view to develop the answer well, thinking about reasons, effects, comparisons, examples, and personal experiences.
  2. Compare and contrast about the topic, answer from your point of view, or speculate about the future when answering.
  3. Record yourself speaking on different topics and then listen to it again.

You should be prepared for the format of the Speaking test and know what type of questions to expect in each section. We have practice tests and IELTS Coach to prepare you for the test.

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