The International Museums Academy program in Peru works in collaboration with the General Directorate of Museums of the Ministry of Culture to generate spaces for training and professional exchange for workers in national and private museums.

Since 2018, the program has included training in collections management, public management and social museology; inclusion and accessibility for museums and cultural institutions and the challenges and responses from the sector to the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

What is International Museums Academy?

It is a global initiative that generates a collaborative platform between different countries and the United Kingdom, to generate an exchange of knowledge, skills, and best practices that strengthen specialists and workers in museums, galleries, and cultural organizations that house collections.

Collections Management

We continue our work with the museum sector in Peru in the area of ​​collections management with a program dedicated to the generation of national standards and protocols for the management of heritage and ethnographic collections. This is done in collaboration with the Collections Trust, a British organization dedicated to providing technical advice on the management and safeguarding of tangible heritage around the world.

This program comprises a combination of master classes for professionals in the sector, work tables and a consultation process at the national level to validate the resulting standards and protocols and their applicability in all museums in Peru, taking into account the contexts and limitations of each. one. The results of this work will be presented to the museum and heritage sector in a publication celebrating the Bicentennial.

What is Spectrum 5.0?

It is the UK set of collection management standards and protocols that is also used in many countries, developed by the British organization, the Collections Trust. You can access the Spanish version of Spectrum 5.0 developed by the British Council here.

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