Lucie Fitton y Katie Moffat, invitadas del Reino Unido, programa MEET 2018

In collaboration with the MALI – (Museo de Arte de Lima), we presented the third and fourth edition of our MEET program (Museums: Experiences in Education and Technology), an initiative that provides alternatives on innovation, technology and education applied to museums, as well as development of the cultural sector in Peru.

Third edition - June 2018

With our guests from the UK, Katie Moffat, Digital Director of The Audience Agency, and Lucie Fitton, we ran workshops that explored audiences, education and technologies.

(Read more about our guests in the final section).

Fourth Edition / November 2018

Our objective of building the foundations for our future programme was carried out by training professionals in the sector, giving them the opportunity to increase their practical knowledge and acquire new skills, as well as build new international links that allow a fresh and innovative perspective.

On this occasion, we invited Helen Thomas, Director of Museums and Cultural Heritage at the British Council.

(Read more about our guest in the final section).

In this opportunity, the workshops addressed topics of audiences, education and new technologies.


Katie Moffat

Consultant and expert in cultural digital strategy. She is currently Digital Director for The Audience Agency, where she manages digital projects in the area of ​​culture from conception to execution. 

Lucie Fitton

Is a consultant and expert in community engagement, youth programming and partnership building. Head of Learning and Participation at the Audience Agency and responsible for supporting organisations to develop insight into the impact of collaboration with specific audiences. She has significant experience in managing co-production programmes with hard to reach audiences.

The Audience Agency

British non-profit organisation whose mission is to provide greater access to culture and thus create greater vitality in the sector. It seeks to contribute to the growth and diversity of people who interact in various areas of culture. The Audience Agency helps other cultural organisations understand not only their target audience but also who their audience might be.

Helen Thomas

She has more than 15 years of experience. In 2014, she created the International Museums Academy, a programme that provides museum and gallery leaders with the knowledge and tools to increase the growth and sustainability of the sector in their countries. Its goal is to strengthen the capacities and resilience of individuals and institutions globally through cultural exchange and leadership to support sustainability and contribute to inclusive growth.