Dos mujeres visitan un museo y discuten sobre los contenidos que observan

British Council

Today more than ever, museums must be relevant to their communities. Its spaces, staff and collections have the great potential to be the ideal catalyst to attract the community, manage audiences, build social cohesion and facilitate dialogue.

In Peru, as in the rest of the world, museums undergo rapid change and face multiple challenges. This transformation increases the need to train a new generation of leaders in this field.

Our Transforming museums for the future programme is part of a global initiative known in other countries as the International Museums Academy. It generates a platform for collaboration between Peru and the United Kingdom and builds a solid and sustainable network that is supported by the commitment of people and institutions from the public and private sectors in Peru. In addition, it strengthens the capacities of professionals in the sector through a complete programme of conferences, master classes, workshops and professional exchanges in which topics and strategies relevant to the needs and challenges of the sector in the 21st century are discussed and analysed.

Its thematic axis are:

  • Collections management

Standards in the management of collections

Tools for the registration and documentation of assets

  • Audience management

Public programming and education

Equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Resilience and sustainability for museums and their collections

The social function of museums: agency, change and community

Innovation and digital technology in museums