Turno, written by British author Jenny Valentine, is the third play produced under our Audience Development Programme.

The play is based on the findings of exploratory workshops carried out with teenagers from peripheral areas of Lima and Sao Paulo and addresses multiple themes from the current social environment in Peru and Brazil, especially focusing on violence against women and the social perception of gender.

To date, the programme has impacted around 30,000 students in Peru.


Five actors on the stage of the Gran Teatro National, Peru, in the play Turno, 2018
Turno 1
Turno 3


Playwright Jenny Valentine
Director Fernando Castro
Translator Gonzalo Rodrígues Risco
Facilitator of exploratory workshops Ricardo Galvez
Executive producer Juan José Espinoza
Music Esteban Varela
Videoart and design Gonzalo Espinoza, Aldo Estrada, María Fernanda Palermo- TAG Estudio
Art director Dania Granda
Cast Déborah Baquerizo, Diana Chavéz, Diego Sakuray, Daniela Trucios y Samy Zamalloa