Poster Barro Gran Teatro Nacional

´Barro´ is a stage play coproduced by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and the British Council for the Audience Development Programme at Gran Teatro Nacional. It contributes to further connect audiences to the theatre experience, and through it, to encourage critical and reflective thinking of key issues in Peruvian society: diversity and respect for differences. 

Its main topic and contents have been created based on the results of two expressive arts workshops, conducted in June 2017 with fifty teenagers from diverse districts of Lima and Callao. 

The British Council commissioned British playwright and novelist, Nell Leyshon, the creation of the universe of ´Barro´, using the reflections, difficulties and wishes expressed by the adolescents during the information gathering workshops. 

In addition to the performances at Gran Teatro Nacional, Barro had several decentralised performances in schools located in peripheral districts of Lima. The work conducted for the theatre play was accompanied by the production of education material to support teachers in their classrooms sessions. ´Barro´ is not only a powerful art experience, it also presents an opportunity to address important topics in contemporary education, such as citizenship, equality and diversity.

The cast of Barro, British Council Peru
British playwright Nell Leyshon, Peruvian theatre director Vanessa Vizcarra, cast and GTN Team at the premiere of Barro (September 20th, Lima Peru)


A play by: Nell Leyshon (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Vanessa Vizcarra (Perú)

Movement direction by: Fernando Castro y Diego Sakuray (Compañía de Teatro Físico)

Expressive arts workshop conducted by: Fernando Escudero

Original music by: Francisco Haya de La Torre

Videoart by: Diego Vizcarra

Costume design by: Mencía Olivera

Cast: Verony Centeno, Giordani Guerra, Daniela Mayurí, Alicia Mercado, Nicolás Vilallonga.