Actress in the British-Peruvian play Barro, Gran Teatro Nacional

Viewed by over 8,000 students from private and public schools, Barro is a British-Peruvian play addressing contemporary issues in a uniquely interactive and profound way.

In partnership with Gran Teatro Nacional, we engage young audiences with the performing arts through our Audience Development Programme, exploring themes of identity, belonging, critical thinking and acceptance in a context where 39% of Lima's teenagers have suffered from bullying at school and most of whom have never attended a theatrical production.

'"Barro caused a deep impact in me. The way the story encompasses different themes and problems adolescents face in school like discrimination, social classes, and stereotypes."

Mrs. Jiménez Torres, teacher 

As a means of expression, theatre encourages creativity and sensibility, but its experience can also be deeply educational. Over the past two years, the British Council in Peru and Gran Teatro Nacional have been consolidating their partnership making this programme a meeting point where the appreciation for the performing arts has been instilled into thousands of students in Lima. 

In 2017, we commissioned UK writer, Nell Leyshon, to write 'Barro',  a play that addresses themes of equality, diversity and inclusion. The participation of  UK writers, playwrights and professionals at pre-production, production and implementation stages with their Peruvian counterparts, enhanced the UK-Peru cultural exchange as well.

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