Científicos mirando una computadora

British Council

One of the purposes of the British Council is to foster scientific, technological, cultural and educational cooperation between the UK and other countries. This is because we consider science, the pursuit of knowledge and innovation to be an integral part of culture. On the other hand, the exchange of scientific knowledge and ideas is a great way to build trust and international understanding and create opportunities.

Today's society faces a number of significant challenges. From how to feed a growing population and give everyone access to clean and affordable water and energy, to how to respond to threats (such as climate change) that affect biodiversity and human health. Science and innovation are vital tools to address these problems, but they cannot be the only ones used to generate solutions.

If we want to achieve sustainable development, reconciling social, economic and environmental demands, while protecting the rights of future generations, we need to make connections. Not only among scientists themselves, but also among scientists and the community in general; government, business and civil society.

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