Scientists looking at a computer screen

British Council

One of the British Council’s objectives is to encourage scientific, technological, cultural and educational cooperation between the United Kingdom and other countries. We consider science, the pursuit of knowledge and innovation and the exploitation of this knowledge an essential part of culture. The sharing of scientific knowledge and ideas is an excellent way of building trust and understanding internationally and creating opportunities for people in the UK and other countries.

Society today is faced with a number of important challenges. How to feed a growing population and give everyone access to affordable clean water and energy, how to respond to threats (such as climate change), biodiversity and human health, among others. Science and innovation are vital tools to address these challenges and fuel future prosperity, but they cannot solve these problems alone.  If we are to achieve sustainable development, we need to establish links between social, economic, and environmental demands, and also protect the rights of future generations. It is important to make connections not just between scientists themselves, but also between scientists and the wider community; government, business and civil society.

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