Core Skills 2018

Empowering agents of change in the Peruvian basic alternative education system through our Core Skills programme.

With 8.8M people in need of completing their basic education, the Alternative Basic Education system (EBA) is key in providing an opportunity for personal and professional development. The Core Skills programme supports training for leaders and teachers from EBA thus facilitating a better education for young people.

'This training has empowered me as a teacher. And for my students, it means they are now able to become agents of change.'

Zoila Morocho, EBA virtual tutor

Trujillo, La Libertad

During 2017, almost 100  educators from EBA were trained in three Core Skills modules, including Intro to Core Skills for Leaders and for Teachers, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Creativity and Imagination. Participants said that this opportunity helped them to rethink their views on core skills, understand their importance and analyse opportunities to implement and develop them in the classroom in order to improve Basic Alternative Education and become part of a growing community of change.

Our Core Skills programme was designed and developed by UK experts and translated for its local use. Participants had the opportunity to learn from UK best practices through case analysis, engage in a community of practice and learned about the deep impact of this work on education.

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