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IMPORTANT: As indicated in the SUPREME DECREE Nº 010-2022-PCM as of January 31, 2022, people over 18 years old who wish to enter enclosed spaces must present their physical or virtual card that proves they have completed the two doses of vaccination against COVID - 19, also people over 40 years old must present their physical or virtual card that proves they have completed the three doses of vaccination against COVID - 19. Additionally, a mask must be worn permanently, according to the conditions indicated in the SUPREME DECREE N° 010-2022-PCM. If the vaccination card, with the respective accredited doses, is not presented, access to the center will NOT be allowed to take the exam. 

Please check with the center where you registered to take the exam when you will be asked for your vaccination card (it can be requested during registration for the exam, on the day of the exam, or at both times). 


Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our candidates and staff during the development of our international IELTS exams. For this reason, we guarantee that our official British Council IELTS centers comply with all the protocols established by the government and health authorities in Peru. 

Protecting the health of our candidates and bringing them closer to better opportunities through the international IELTS test is our great motivation. Therefore, we invite you to prepare yourself in the meantime with our free material so that you know what to expect on test day and increase your chances of getting a good result.

Read our protocols below:

Cleaning and disinfection of spaces

Before your arrival, our team will carry out a rigorous cleaning and disinfection process of the examination center, as well as of the room where you will take your English test.

We will also clean and disinfect the equipment with which you will be in contact: keyboard, mouse and headphones.

Preparation of our examination centers

All our examination centers comply with the rules of social distancing defined by the government and with all the regulations that will guarantee your safety from your arrival to your departure. For this we will have:

  • Trained personnel with all biosafety equipment.
  • Marking of spaces to comply with the two-meter distance established by the government at all times meters established by the government at all times
  • Hand disinfection stations
  • Visual communication with the protocols that you must take into account on the day of the exam.

Preparation of our personnel

Our team has been thoroughly trained and will follow government regulations to ensure your safety throughout the process.

We assure you that the people who will accompany you on the day of your IELTS English test:

  • Wear masks at all times
  • Maintain a safe and social distance.
  • Escort you to the room and direct you to the place where you will take your English test.
  • Ensure that the waiting area does not exceed the maximum capacity allowed.
  • Will not hand out documents directly to you

Our supervisors will report any health and safety or COVID-19-specific incidents to the test center manager through the usual channels.

Material preparation

We will have disinfectant available to clean the external surfaces of boxes, paper bags and shrink wraps.

Temperature control

Both candidates and our staff will have their temperature taken at the entrance of the building or at the entrance of the examination center. The procedure will be carried out under the biosafety standards required by the government and with thermometers that will not have direct contact with the skin. 

Anyone with flu-like symptoms and/or fever of 37.5°C or higher will not be allowed on the premises.

Registration process

  • Once you arrive at the test center you will need to disinfect your hands.
  • Make sure to remove your mask only during the registration process and photo capture in order to take your IELTS test.
  • Please note that we will visually check both sides of your mask.
  • Our staff will ask you to have your ID ready at the beginning of the registration process.


We will have a labeling system for your personal belongings. Please note that on the day of the exam you will need to bring a plastic bag to store them in and we will disinfect it. Once you have stored all your belongings you will be able to close the bag and label it without touching the contents directly. At the end of the test, you must dispose of your bag in the containers located near the locker area.

Items allowed on test day

  • Supplies (pencil, pencil, eraser, scissors) 
  • Water in a transparent bottle
  • Double mask
  • Hand sanitizer gel (container must be clear)
  • Plastic bag to keep your personal belongings in.

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