British Council, in collaboration with MALI, invited professionals from the museum sector in the U.K to share their expertise in a series of workshops at MALI.

Museums should be relevant to their communities. The areas, people and collections have the potential to be the ideal catalyst to attract the community, manage audiences, building on social cohesion and facilitate dialogue.

Katie Moffat

Is a consultant and expert in cultural digital strategy. She is currently Head of Digital at The Audience Agency and works with clients to help them develop effective ways to use digital tools and technologies to reach, grow and diversify their audiences. Much of Katie’s work involves the development of digital, social media and content strategies for arts and heritage organisations.

Lucie Fitton

Is a consultant and expert in Community Engagement, Youth Programming and Partnership Building. She is currently Head of Learning and Participation at the Audience Agency and is responsible for supporting organisations to develop insight into the impact of collaboration with specific audiences. She has significant experience in managing co-production programmes with hard to reach audiences.

The Audience Agency

The Audience Agency is a non-profit organisation which mission is to broaden people´s access to culture, thus creating more vitality in the sector. It contributes to the growth and diversity of people interacting in different cultural areas. The Audience Agency helps other cultural organisations to understand, not only who their audience is, but to discover who it could become.

In this opportunity, the workshops addressed topics of audiences, education and new technologies.


Workshops took place at MALI during Tuesday 12 and Friday 15 June 2018.