Another important aspect of our work is to contribute to education discourse and support system development. As 21st century skills in education is a new and complex theme for many countries in the region, we are organising a conference in Lima, Peru, on February 2nd, 2017, to foster learning and inspiration - and provoke useful conversations.

It is a full-day international event with an expected audience of approximately 200 people: around 160/180 educators and policy makers from Peru + around 30 delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica and USA.

Our main objectives with the event are: 

  • Set the ground for Core Skills in the Americas - bring awareness to the programme and build partnership opportunities;
  • Facilitate communication and build consensus recommendations between public, private and civic sectors (as it is a new and also complex topic);
  • Support the development of policy in the region by sharing best practices of UK’s educational systems and programmes.