Our offer for School Leaders:

  • Introduction to Core Skills for Leaders: Create awareness and deepen why Core Skills are important for your students
  • Leading Core Skills: This training focuses on conveying the connection between effective leadership practices and Core Skills, knowing the most effective curricular development practices for school leaders, established by the international empirical base and identifying the fundamental principles of a variety of approaches to effective design of curricular experiences

Our offer for Teachers:

Introduction to Core Skills for Teachers

Introduction to the programme

Critical thinking and problem solving

Promoting self-directed thinking that produces new and innovative ideas and solves problems; reflecting critically on learning experiences and processes and making effective decisions.

Collaboration and communication

Fostering effective communication (orally, and in writing); actively listening to others in diverse and multi-lingual environments and understanding verbal and non-verbal communication; developing the ability to work in diverse international teams, including learning from and contributing to the learning of others, assuming shared responsibility, co-operating, leading, delegating and compromising to produce new and innovative ideas and solutions.

Creativity and imagination

Promoting economic and social entrepreneurialism; imagining and pursuing novel ideas, judging value, developing innovation and curiosity.


Developing active, globally aware citizens who have the skills, knowledge and motivation to address issues of human environmental sustainability and work towards a fairer world in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue; developing an understanding of what it means to be a citizen of their own country and their own country’s values.

Digital literacy

Developing the skills to discover, acquire and communicate knowledge and information in a globalized economy; using technology to reinforce, extend and deepen learning through international collaboration.

Student leadership and personal development

Recognising the importance of honesty and empathy; recognizing others’ needs and safety; fostering perseverance, resilience and self-confidence; exploring leadership, self-regulation and responsibility, personal health and well-being, career and life skills; learning to learn and lifelong learning

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