In a multicultural and multilingual context like the Peruvian one, the teaching of English in schools presents huge challenges. In order to develop English language communicative competence among Peruvian children, it is necessary for their teachers to be reflective and informed knowledge managers, as well as agents of transformation of their educational realities.

In 2016, English teachers in Peru were invited to share innovative and successful experiences in their classrooms and were offered the opportunity to be part of the global world of teaching through international training. This publication acknowledges the good pedagogical practices of English teachers from different regions of the country.

Since 2017, the Champion Teachers programme promotes research capacity and develops leading human capital among classroom teachers in Peru. There is a new cycle every year in which we make a call to inquisitive, reflective and innovative English teachers from all over the country. We are pleased to receive hundreds of applications and a group of them is selected to be part of the initial exploratory-action research workshop.

After the initial workshop, the selected teachers implement their exploratory-action research projects under the mentoring and support of the British Council. In the final phase of every cycle, those teachers show their results in the International Seminar of Exploratory Action-Research.

Thanks to the alliance forged with the British Council in Chile, Colombia and Mexico, this programme stimulates the experience exchange within an international network of classroom researchers that share similar realities and that seek for solutions to the day to day teaching challenges.

We inform those educators who are interested in participating and become Champion Teachers that the programme has a six-month duration. The call for applications often happens in March, then the initial workshops take place between May and June and the implementation in the classroom, between July and November.

Achievements to date:

  • 2016: First group of 20 ELT teachers acknowledged and awarded for best innovative practices.
  • 2017: First cohort of 50 ELT teachers trained in exploratory-action research from a total of 400 applications. 30 action-research projects executed. Bi-national Programme Chile-Peru.
  • 2018: Second cohort of 70 ELT teachers trained in exploratory-action research from more than 1000 applications. 30 action-research projects in execution. Decentralisation Lima-Arequipa. Pacific Alliance Programme.

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